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1. I do well with blogging.. I guess
2. I’m really passionate about the things I love
3. I just started playing guitar and I’m getting better and better fast
4. I try to keep my room nice and clean
5. I can handle being alone really well

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harry potter + sass

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No, but can you imagine Muggle borns in Astronomy and one of them looks up and whispers “Space, the final frontier.” and the other Muggle borns join in right away and all the pure bloods and the professor are just WTFing all over the place

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Imagine your icon having an icon with your face on it.

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So I saw this cute girl going down the street with an amazing ass. I was all “DAMN GIRL, YOU GOT AN AMAZING ASS.” She was like “thanks, there’s a sale across the block, I got him there.” Now I have a pet donkey too, he was five bucks and his name is Leopold. And he hates thunderstorms.

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Kamenashi decides to play it save and just raise two hands

Kamenashi decides to play it save and just raise two hands

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2003 volleyball (Maru and Koki). Scanned by me.

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POTATO0903_03❤ KAT-TUN is still my 4EVER 6!❤


❤ KAT-TUN is still my 4EVER 6!❤

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[20140711] Sekaiichi Tame ni Naru Tabi Hokkaido

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- things we hated as children: being spanked and naps
- things we love as adults: being spanked and naps